Lower Kinni 9.26.16

After being in Louisiana for work since mid-August, I was able to make it home for a long weekend. Because of the high, stained water during most of my time back, I was only able to get out for a couple hours on Monday from about 10:15 am to 12:30. I tied on a Euro pheasant tail (this one with an orange hot spot instead of my normal pink) and zebra midge, and headed down the valley. The Kinni was about 10-15% higher than normal with a slight stain — great fishing conditions. The first few runs produced no fish, with only a couple hook ups and long distance releases. I finally got to a small, shaded riffle where an island separates the stream. This quickly produced five browns between 8 and 10 inches.

These are my first trout photos taken with my new Sony a6300. It produced some great images!
Gotta love those fall colors!
Gotta love those fall colors!

After catching those five, I was content with the outing and headed home to pack up for my flight later in the afternoon. I sure missed the Kinni.