Lower Kinni 4.30.17

I fished this afternoon from about 3:30 to 6:30. With poor weather forcasted, I had the stream to myself. I began the outing swinging streamers, but eventually got to a run of rising fish. I tied on a size 20 parachute BWO, and caught 6-8 small browns (and missed plenty more) before calling it a day to watch the end of the Clippers-Jazz game.

I also went out yesterday for a short outing on a smaller area stream to swing some streamers and caught this nice 15-incher! Not bad for just an hour or so on the water!


Lower Kinni 1.27.17

I was able to get home for the weekend and fish for a couple hours on Friday from 2:30 to 4:30 pm, using a Frenchie and zebra midge. I got two small browns in the net and lost two more. It was definitely nice to get out and catch some fish in January! From what I’ve heard, the streamer fishing has been very good as well, especially during the warm fronts we’ve been having.


Lower Kinni 9.26.16

After being in Louisiana for work since mid-August, I was able to make it home for a long weekend. Because of the high, stained water during most of my time back, I was only able to get out for a couple hours on Monday from about 10:15 am to 12:30. I tied on a Euro pheasant tail (this one with an orange hot spot instead of my normal pink) and zebra midge, and headed down the valley. The Kinni was about 10-15% higher than normal with a slight stain — great fishing conditions. The first few runs produced no fish, with only a couple hook ups and long distance releases. I finally got to a small, shaded riffle where an island separates the stream. This quickly produced five browns between 8 and 10 inches.

These are my first trout photos taken with my new Sony a6300. It produced some great images!
Gotta love those fall colors!
Gotta love those fall colors!

After catching those five, I was content with the outing and headed home to pack up for my flight later in the afternoon. I sure missed the Kinni.


Lower Kinni 7.24.16

I fished the Kinni for about an hour before dark. I caught six or seven browns, including one around 12″, using a size 16 Euro pheasant tail and size 20 zebra midge. All but one took the midge. There was very little rising until right at dark when there was a pretty good midge hatch. I ran into another fisherman that had luck on scuds as well.

The stream was in great shape after Saturday’s rains. The fishing should continue to be good as we have some cooler weather coming through this week.

A solid Kinni brown.


Lower Kinni 6.28.16

I fished the Kinni for a short outing from about 8:15 to 9:15. Like the Rush last night, there was very little rising, so I nymphed with a size 16 Frenchie and size 20 black zebra midge. I ended up catching 8 or 9 fish, and they were all around 6-8 inches. The best fishing was in fast, shallow riffles.

There were a few caddis, sulphurs, and midges out, and surface activity picked up a bit after the sun set. If you’re really jonesing for dry fly action, I’d recommend bringing some elk hair caddis, sulfur and BWO parachutes, and griffiths gnats.

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Lower Kinni 6.9.16

I took my friend Roxie on the Kinni this evening on a mission to get her first fish on a fly. After a short casting practice session, we hit the water at about 7:00. The first run yielded one fish for me as I was demonstrating, and Roxie lost one other. We eventually moved downstream to another run that I’ve had success with.

After missing a couple more fish, she finally got one in the net with this nice little Kinni brown.


As it was getting dark I said we needed to get one more fish before calling it a night. Soon, this nice 12″ brown took the Frenchie. Not a bad second fish on a fly!



We hoped to get into some dry fly fishing tonight, but there wasn’t nearly as much surface activity as there was earlier this week, so we stuck to nymphs. There were quite a few caddis out, however. The three fish that came to hand were caught on a Frenchie and zebra midge. We also missed a couple on an olive scud and a small pheasant tail (I believe size 18, but I tied it on a short emerger hook so the length is actually closer to a 20 or 22).


Lower Kinni 6.6.16

Aric and I fished the Kinni last night from about 7:30 to 9:30. We began the evening nymphing, but after a small shower came through at about 8:30, the stream came alive with rising trout. I switched to a size 16 sulphur parachute I’ve been tying lately (will be available to order soon) and got swipes on nearly every cast, catching around a dozen fish before dark. It was easily the best dry fly action I’ve had this year, with sulphurs and caddis flies everywhere.

Aric continued nymphing throughout the evening with two size 18 pheasant tails and caught about 10 fish himself, while I caught 6-8 on a Euro pheasant tail and zebra midge before switching to the dry. No big fish of note, but it was fun to get into some great fishing on the surface!


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Lower Kinni 5.27.16

Aric and I fished the Lower Kinni tonight from about 8:00 to 9:30. As soon as we got to the stream, we noticed many sulphurs coming off, and the fish were going nuts for them — easily the most surface action I’ve seen this year. Aric tied on a size 20 BWO pattern (we were unprepared and didn’t have any sulphurs in our boxes) and I stayed with my Euro pheasant tail and zebra midge rig.

Aric ended up catching six on the surface, with all under 9″. I caught around a dozen with a 12 and 13-incher — my biggest Kinni fish of the year. Unfortunately those two bigs were after dark so I wasn’t able to get good photos of them.

The Kinni definitely benefited from the rain this week. A little more this weekend should make for even better fishing!

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