Rush River 7.16.16

I fished the Rush tonight from about 8:00 to dark. There was very little rising when I got to the stream, so I started the night nymphing with a Euro pheasant tail nymph and zebra midge. The fish were very willing and I caught fish on probably every two or three drifts. I caught many around 6-9 inches, and one around 13-14. Fish were holding in riffles between 1-2 feet deep. Pocket water was really productive as well. I talked to another fisherman on the way out that had success swinging BWO dries through pools just before dark.



It looks like last night’s rain didn’t effect the streams very much, so the fishing should continue to be good. Focus on the cooler times of the day. If you’re looking for that big one, mousing after dark should be pretty good as well.